Aerospace Solutions​

Hummingbird Aero was founded to provide companies seeking to produce aircraft with industry best practice and innovative solutions for the design of safety-critical systems.  We specialized in flight controls and actuation systems.

Hummingbird Aero brings together veterans of the aerospace industry.  Our team members have been part of every aircraft program imaginable enabling them to innovate with a foundation in industry best practices.

We are proud to be the premier supplier of flight control solutions to established companies, as well as those emerging companies that seek to deliver 21st century personal aviation and air mobility.

“Over the last several years, Hummingbird Aero has found a solid mission helping new EVTOL companies architect, develop and certify safety-critical air vehicle systems.  We’re excited to expand our global support through a new EU-based location in the Republic of Ireland delivering precision motion-control actuation and electronics products.  As the Advanced Air Mobility industry refines its approach to EVTOL certification, we are increasingly delivering ARP4754-driven systems engineering solutions and best practices with a proven engagement model that lowers risk, cost, and schedule.”

Brian Barker

President & CEO