Aircraft Actuation Systems

Applications & Features

There are multiple applications of actuation systems on aircraft. The most critical is the primary flight control application that steers the aircraft. Others span the motion of high-lift systems such as flaps and trim surfaces all the way to landing gear and cargo doors.

Some of the unique features are the importance for safety solutions, light weight, small space, immunity to harsh operating conditions and low cost. We deliver extensive validation of the design for the target application to support our customer’s certification process.

Our Actuation Solutions

Modular Technology

Our actuation solutions solve diverse applications spanning a wide range of:

  • Size: range of motion, output force or torque
  • Power source: hydraulic and electric
  • Criticality: satisfy requirements for all hazard levels
  • Architecture: support every conceivable aircraft-level architecture
  • Supply-chain: can be made by Hummingbird or elsewhere
  • Certification authority: satisfy a broad range of international requirements
  • Scope: from simple “pin-to-pin” to entire airframe level solution

Mastering a wide range of technology allows us to focus on what is best for the application without playing favorites for any given technology or configuration

Our modular technology enables us to generate solutions fast while preserving the advantage of past service history, supply-chain maturity and design validation data

Solution Module Catalogue

Hummingbird Actuation Solutions

Electromechanical actuators

  • Motors
  • Brakes
  • Reduction
  • Linear and rotary
  • Load-path redundancy
  • Position sensing
  • Housing
  • Motor control electronics

Airframe Integration

  • Effector kinematics
  • Load-path redundancy
  • Jam tolerance
  • Aeroelasticity, loads
  • Aircraft System Architecture
  • Effector redundancy
  • Network topology, Data-buses
  • Active/Active, Active/Standy
  • Electrical/mechanical redundancy
  • Power system and distribution